Hydraulic Engineering for Maritime Engineers

Gain valuable and essential knowledge in this fascinating and interesting arena and a professional diploma award

This two-day course is designed for engineers in maritime and offshore companies. Superintendents, marine engineers and service engineers will benefit from this intense and focused short training.

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The Importance of Hydraulics

Hydraulic power transmission is one of the most established forms of power transmission. Hydraulics is used to drive a multitude of equipment and machines found on board ships and on shore today. For many engineers and maritime personnel, understanding how things work is absolutely essential in maintaining a ship’s efficiency and operation.



This two-day intensive course is offered by EDME. EDME is the International centre for education and development in marine engineering and is dedicated to providing education of the highest quality to engineers and others in the global maritime industry.

The course is delivered by experts in the field and the course director has worked in marine engineering for more than twenty years, running university and technical college courses in marine hydraulics in the UK, Holland and further afield.

Now, for the first time, this established and structured course is being delivered in a number of worldwide locations supported by partners and associated organisations to offer a high quality and highly relevant course for the maritime sector.

Programme Summary

  • Professional programme with practical examples, case studies and real-life scenarios

  • Professional Diploma awarded to students that complete tasks over two days

  • Extensive coverage of hydraulics specifically focused on maritime industry application

  • Highly experienced course director who has delivered maritime hydraulics courses over many years

  • Specially designed for those working in marine engineering

Who Should Join this Programme?

The course is designed for those with a basic knowledge of marine hydraulics and who want to further understand this important arena. It is ideally suited for marine superintendents, marine engineers, and service engineers and others working in an engineering field.

Programme Outline

Hydraulic engineering is a specialism, which is usually only briefly touched on in universities and colleges. This course is focused on practical maritime applications. Over two days, students will develop their knowledge of hydraulic engineering for a multitude of maritime applications.

Day one

The first day is focused on hydraulic components, basic theory and basic hydraulic diagrams. At the end of the first day, students will be able to read basic hydraulic diagrams and understand the working principles of the main components. The first day sets the tone and content required for the second day of advanced hydraulic engineering.

Overall, this course will provide students with improved knowledge for troubleshooting, in order to better maintain your hydraulic systems and identify design mistakes.

Students are provided with all course materials, an executive EDME folder and their own copy of the book, Hydraulics by Ing. R. van den Brink.

Day two

The second day provides a master class and is focused on proportional valves, pump control systems, cartridge valves and hydraulic calculations. At the end of the second day, a case study based on one or two of the participants’ hydraulic diagrams is undertaken, giving students a genuine insight into real-life issues. The case study is an essential application of the theory gained to problems in the maritime environment.

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I should have done this course years ago because it made things I had missed in the past so clear

Marine engineer, Danish shipping company


2019 schedule of training

5th & 6th November 2019,
Suntec Singapore

In-house training option

In addition to the scheduled dates above, there is also an option to book this course for employees in-house. Anyone interested in this option should contact the administration team: info@edmeglobal.com

Course Fees

Course fees are set at €995 per person and are payable in advance

Prices exclude VAT where applicable.
*Further terms and conditions apply

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